Make Your Own Foot Wear!

Discover how to make DIY foot wear from Recycled Jeans!

Update:  This class is over but you can download the pattern and tutorial here. Enjoy!

In this class you will discover how to turn an old unloved pair of jeans into hip, recycled slippers.

Sarah Anderson will take us through marking out a pattern, cutting all the parts, and stitching them together to make one of a kind, custom slippers. Did we say these things are COMFORTABLE!
What you need to know:

  • Saturday, August  14
  • 10:00am - 1:30pm
  • Anderson Farm
    (                 )
    Muscatine, IA

  • A light lunch is provided! Bring a snack to tide you over till lunch time:-)
  • Bring an old pair of jeans and your can do attitude.  We’ll provide material for the soles and all the tools and sewing machines needed.
  • Class & materials:  $15
  • Room is very limited!  Just 5 spots available!
    Register by paying the class fee.   There are two options to do so: 
    Cash or check to Andrew Anderson  - 563 260 5556

    By Paypal to register@DoNight.org - put ‘DIY Foot Wear’ in the note area.
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